Monday, August 22, 2011

What our dog did the other day...


This is what our dog did the other day...

He tree'd a raccoon in our backyard.

Scratch that.

He tree'd a whole family of raccoons (if you look further up the tree in the 2nd picture you can see a mass of four raccoons all curled up together)!

Indy was out on his leash when I heard some intense commotion and saw him barking his head off at a little critter hanging upside down from a very small branch in our backyard. Oh my was I thankful to discover that the little critter was not a skunk (we've been there-twice) but a raccoon! And after Indy was inside I watched the raccoon run up the tree instead of down and that's when I saw the rest of the racoon family further up in the tree! And that's where they stayed for at least three hours (I'm certain they probably didn't come down until well after dark since when they tried to come down around dusk Indy scared them once again). Oh my are they cute (when they are high up in the tree and safely away from me and my family) but I know they are kinda nasty creatures and I'm thankful that thanks to our dog we probably won't be seeing them around here again soon!

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