Thursday, April 18, 2013

Choosing the newest member of our family...

Ever since we lost Indy we've been thinking about another dog.  Another dog will never replace Indy...he was our first baby and he will always be special to us.  And there have been moments, as a result, when we didn't feel like we wanted another dog...we just wanted Indy. But the reality is that we are a dog family.  The house feels so quiet and lonely without a dog around.
This week we have been dog sitting for Joe's brother.  We wanted to help them out, but we also wanted to sort of test Lily's allergies.  See, technically she has tested positive for a dog allergy.  But the only time we noticed any affects with Indy was when she slept in the same room as him.  Otherwise she was totally fine.  But we have always wondered if that was because she was exposed to him since the day she was born.  We wanted to test her around another dog and we are excited to share that she did great.  We feel confident now in moving forward.
So we are ready to choose the newest member of our family!  We know that we want a puppy.  Indy was already four by the time Lily came around and he was really mine and Joe's.  He was patient and tolerant with the kids, we trusted him around them, and he was increasingly protective of them but he was never very affectionate with them and he never really played with them.  We would love for the kids to have a puppy...a dog that has energy and wants to play with them and will feel like their's as much as ours.  A puppy that will grow with them (and that we can train).
We are also pretty sure that we want a lab or a lab mix.
But beyond that we are feeling a little conflicted about what to do...
This week our friend Sarah introduced us to a dog rescue in Southern Maine and this little sweetheart:
Photo: TINY TITAN BUS PASSENGER #11:  BLONDIE!!  Blondie is 10 to 11 weeks old and an adorable black lab mix.  Blondie beat the odds and survived a serious illness.  She is our miracle baby.  Blondie would love a home with YOU!!  MAINE FOSTERS/ADOPTERS needed for this baby.  Stubby tail and intense gaze, she is awesome! She's a 10 week old lab mix that was just brought to Maine though the dog rescue.  She was really very sick as a baby, but she survived a terrible virus.  We have no idea what she is mixed with, but right away we fell in love with her.  We applied this week and were approved to adopt her.  Joe was hoping to meet her tomorrow and then if all went well bring her home on Sunday.  Except that one of the other dogs she was transported to Maine with earlier this week tested positive for the parvo virus (the same one, actually, that almost already killed her) and now all of the dogs (including her) on that transport are in quarantine for a week before they can be tested for the virus.  We don't know if she is still healthy, we don't know when she would be available to adopt or when we could meet her.  I feel a little bit heartbroken and we just don't know if we should wait for her or if we should consider one of the other options...

One other option is one of these lab/shepherd puppies available through another dog rescue in Maine.  We are still waiting to hear back from them on some details...but they also seem hard to resist:

And if that weren't enough we've been in contact with another family that has lab puppies that will be available in May (they are only a few weeks old). They have some yellow females and sent us this picture today:
Ugggg....puppy temptation everywhere we turn!:)  We don't know what to wait on one of the rescue mix puppies (none of which have any guarantee at this point in time) or go for the lab puppy (which we could guarantee with a deposit right now).  If we wait on the rescues the lab puppies could all be spoken for by the end of next week.
What to do...What to do?

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