Saturday, April 27, 2013


Last week (during school vacation for all the local schools) the University of Maine women's soccer team held a soccer clinic for little soccer players!  We happen to know the U-Maine soccer coach and his wife because we have done a number of Lifelines trips with their teams over the years.  And then last year their oldest daughter was in Lily's class at school and this year their youngest daughter is in Eli's preschool class!  It's been really fun to have continued interaction with this family.  And this afternoon soccer clinic that they put on for the kids was awesome!  Eli was in the younger group and Lily just made it into the older group.  This was Eli's first time really doing anything with soccer (though he badly wanted to be a part of Lily's team last fall) and he LOVED it!  I'm not sure I've ever seem him so attentive and focused (though most of it was pretty fun) and I have to say that I think our little boy is going to have some skills!:)  And Lily loved it too (just as much because she was with her friends as because the games were fun)!  Lily starts spring soccer next week and luckily enough we got on the team we were hoping for...coached by our friend Lynn (the U-Maine soccer coach's wife)!  And we also found out that the U-Maine soccer team is going to be hosting a week long half day soccer camp in July for kids both Eli and Lily's ages and I'm thinking that this just might be the perfect distraction for our kiddos as we wait for baby boy's arrival (or maybe, hopefully,  during the first few days after his birth)!  Yep, spring and summer soccer is upon us (for the first time) and we are very excited!

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