Monday, April 15, 2013


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In the week leading up to Easter we tried to do a little something each day to help the kids prepare for and celebrate Easter and the real meaning of the holiday. We colored Easter eggs, did resurrection eggs, made the above "stained glass" crosses, made resurrection rolls, etc... And our Easter weekend was full and busy and filled with friends and family. The day before Easter we had two birthday parties...Hannah's American Girl party and our niece Brenna's fun bowling party! Sadly Eli caught a nasty little cold that weekend so Easter was a bit of an adventure. We went to church with Joe's mom and somehow we made it through the hour and 45 min. long service even though they didn't have a nursery...all things considered the kids did pretty well. But by the time we got back to Joe's parent's house it was obvious that Eli, though totally adorable in his little suit, was sick and exhausted and hungry. He was a bit of a bear the rest of the day. He might be smiling in a few of these photos, but that was no small feat. And the reason I don't have more pictures from the Easter egg hunt we did that afternoon is because Eli was having a bit of a rough time through it all. All in all though we were able to be with family and friends celebrating the life giving resurrection of our Savior and that made for a special week and weekend. Easter (1 of 1) Easter2 (1 of 1) Easter3 (1 of 1) Easter4 (1 of 1) Easter5 (1 of 1) Easter6 (1 of 1) Easter7 (1 of 1) Easter8 (1 of 1) Easter9 (1 of 1) Easter11 (1 of 1) Easter12 (1 of 1) Easter10 (1 of 1)

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