Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Full Term!

Baby2 (1 of 1) Baby (1 of 1)
I am full term...just about 38 weeks along!  These pictures are from a few weeks ago (around 35 weeks) but you get the idea!  I'll try to get a few more before baby boy arrives.  And speaking of...we are hoping that he will make his first appearance anytime now! is time (in my opinion anyway)!  I found out a few weeks ago that I am borderline diabetic so now that I've had to cut way back on sweets and carbs I'm even more ready for this little guy to arrive (and to have a giant Starbucks frappuchino, slice of lemon cake, and ice cream)!:)  
My doctor left last week for Italy (where she is from) and we decided before she left that I would be induced the day after she returns (July 9th) due to baby boy's large size.  We'll find out more tomorrow at our next ultrasound, but we are hoping to keep him under 10 pounds (and avoid any further complications).  We are all still hoping that he decides to come early on his own, but it's nice knowing that we are in the home stretch (13 days) even if he doesn't!  

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tg said...

Congratulations Ang! It's me, timmyg - I was visiting your blog just now to leave you a message only to discover the Lord is blessing you with a baby boy! Natalie and I are very happy for you guys.

I'm wondering if you received the message I left you on Google+? Unless you are in labor, please let me know if you received that note. I just had a question for you.

Thanks Ang. May the Lord be with you guys as you wait for your arrival!