Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spring Soccer

Lily played spring soccer for the first time this year and she was on a really wonderful team!  Her coach was the wife of the U-Maine women's soccer coach and she did such an amazing job with the team.  The kids came such a long way in their skills and they all played together so well and with such teamwork!  As much as Lily enjoyed playing though I think that this may be the last time we do spring soccer for a while because the games are all on Sunday afternoons.  We thought that this would be fine, but it often had us really rushing around to make it to the games on time after church and it just felt like a bit much.  But we were thankful for this great year, for friends from her old school on her team, and for a wonderful coach!

Soccer (1 of 1) Soccer2 (1 of 1) Soccer3 (1 of 1)

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