Friday, June 7, 2013

So Long Training Wheels!

Lily has been asking and asking to take the training wheels off of her bike.  We tried this briefly last summer while visiting my parents in Wisconsin, but it did not go well at all and we quickly decided that she just wasn't ready and she worked instead on learning to ride her scooter.  But she has been determined to learn this summer so the other day Joe finally honored her requests.
To be honest I thought it was going to be ugly.  Lily tends to get a wee bit feisty, emotional, and angry when she doesn't catch on to something right away.  I have NO IDEA where she gets this from (dang, it's hard to see yourself in your children sometimes)!:)  So, I was anticipating that this was going to be a long, tear filled road.
But do you know what?  Lily did AMAZING!  Joe started helping her out and in just minutes she was doing it on her own.  She did take one tumble and got fairly upset so we just had her take a break to calm down.  She was convinced that Joe had been holding her most of the time and she was upset that she wasn't getting I showed her some of the pictures I was taking that showed that she was actually doing it herself!  After seeing the pictures and taking a few minutes to calm down she was off again and this time there was no looking back!
I am still stunned and amazed by how quickly she learned and by watching her zip around on her bike you would think she's been riding without training wheels for the last year!
Way to go Lily!!!
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