Sunday, June 30, 2013

Her First Tooth Lost!

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A little over a week ago Lily lost her first tooth!!!
Is it possible that this little baby of mine is already old enough to loose a tooth?  Apparently she is.  And oh boy was she excited!  It had been loose for a good week and a half and everyday she would wonder if that would be the day it would fall out.  And each morning she would ask us if we thought she lost her tooth that night.  And then last Friday we were at the playground...we had been there for a few hours with friends and we were getting ready to go.  I was holding my friends baby while she packed up and Lily and Eli were playing around me.  I could see that Lily was looking for something in the grass and then she ran over to me...she didn't say anything, she just gave me a wide grin and of course I knew right away that she had lost that loose little tooth!  Yes, she lost it from her mouth and she lost it at the playground...literally, it was lost...we searched the grass but never could find it!  I thought she might be upset about that but she took it wonderfully.  She couldn't have been more excited to ride her bike home and show her dad!  And that afternoon together we wrote a little note explaining to the tooth fairy what happened to her tooth and where it could be found.  And of course that night the tooth fairy left a little bit of money, a Hello Kitty bracelet, and a note letting Lily know that she did, indeed, find her tooth by the bench at the playground!:)  And I have to say, that I was just as proud of Lily as she was of loosing her first tooth...because a few days ago (entirely of her own accord) she gave her tooth fairy money away while at her summer VBS program to help children at another church, much in need, be able to go to VBS.  I didn't even know about it until she told me.  And, in fact, the next day she emptied a good portion of her piggy bank as well to give.  She is growing up and I couldn't be more proud of the young lady she is growing into.

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