Sunday, October 6, 2013

2 Months!

Well, I'm just getting these in under the wire since Liam is just about to turn 3 months, but here are our sweet boy's 2 month pictures...

2 Months19 (1 of 1) 
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Oh my goodness...he is so cute I just want to squeeze him all of the time!  And I know that I am terribly biased but he really is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen!  I think it's the perfectly round head.  And sparkly blue eyes.  And sweet button nose.  Oh and that adorable gummy grin (that gets me every time)!
Our sweet Liam is doing great and it's really fun to watch his personality start to come out.  He's generally pretty content as long as he's getting some attention.  If I were to guess I would say that he's going to be a little more of an extrovert like his sister.  He really is happiest when people are looking right at him and smiling or talking or playing with him.  He really likes it when I look right at him and sing...his whole face lights up!  He is the most smiley of all my babies.  He really loves people so as long as he isn't left for too long on his own he is good.  And for some reason the last two weeks he has decided that he doesn't want to let me eat my meals in's much more fun (for him at least) if I try to eat while holding him (and standing up).  Yes, if he's being held he much prefers for the one holding him to be standing up (must keep us on our toes I guess)!
He is also already talking...well, baby talk that is!  He loves to gurgle and babble and coo and he will respond to you if you talk to's the sweetest thing ever!  He is eating well and much faster and he is doing pretty well with sleep.  During the day he takes a couple of naps between 30-60 minutes and usually (though not every day) he gets n one longer nap.  It's great, but it's just not consistent so I never know when or if that longer nap will come.
We are tired, but it's worth it every single time he looks at me and flashes that heart melting smile!  I am in love with this little guy!

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