Monday, October 7, 2013


When we put Liam in the bath he sort of gets this surprised face like he wasn't at all expecting to be plopped down into a tub of warm water!  And then he's generally pretty content for quite some time.  He's not usually super smiley during bath time- just sort of content and relaxed and a bit serious (like he's still trying to figure out exactly what's happening to him).  I am so thankful that he likes bath time because I have to tell you that he is one smelly little boy,  Seriously.  This child is flat out adorable, but he's stinky.  He's crazy gassy, but more than that we can not keep the rolls under his neck clean.  Well, really he has no neck and that's the's just an adorable round head, followed by rolls and rolls of skin, and then his chest and shoulders.  I don't know if it's because he's a summer baby and thus we've also had to deal with heat and humidity, but it's been impossible to keep the sweet rolls under his head clean.  Joe has nick named him "neck cheese."  It's a sad, but accurate description.  Now that the humidity is dying down a bit it's starting slowly to get better.  Good thing he likes his bath....cause he needs another one!:)

Bath (1 of 1) neck...just the cutest little head ever followed by his chest!:) Bath2 (1 of 1) Bath3 (1 of 1) Bath5 (1 of 1) He may be a bit stinky, but I just can't resist that sweet pudgy belly! And just look at those adorable leg and arm rolls...Oh,I could just eat him up (stinky or not)!

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