Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mt. Katahdin

A few weeks ago Joe took a group of students to climb Mt. Katahdin (the tallest mountain in Maine).  I wasn't able to go, but I hear that it was a great hike and a couple of the guys that came have been coming out to our weekly Cru meeting!
This is a picture that one of our students took from that hike.

And then this weekend Joe went back with our kids.  Yes, he went back with our kids!!  He had a permit for that day (because initially he wasn't sure which day he would take students) and he didn't want to waste it.  We've had very little free time so this was a really great opportunity for him to get away with Lily and Eli (Liam and I decided to stay home during this one).  Personally I thought he was a little bit crazy, but I admired his sense of adventure!  And it actually went really well.  They were planning to hike to Chimney Pond (children aren't allowed to hike all of the way up to the summit) and they made it almost all of the way there, but the last half mile was a lot of uphill and Joe thought it was best to turn around.  Lily was doing amazing and hiked almost the whole 5 miles they did all on her own and she was really disappointed not to make it to where they had planned (sounds a lot like her daddy).  Eli, I hear, had a good attitude but had to be carried for the majority of the hike (so Joe got quite the workout).  
Joe took this picture at Basin Pond...he said that instead of throwing rocks Lily and Eli just stood there and said, "Whoa!"  What a fantastic experience for Joe and the kids.  Maybe next time Liam and I will get to join in!

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