Monday, October 14, 2013

Homemade Baby

As I have shared before, we gave away or sold most of our baby gear a little while back.  But between our family and friends, between sweet gifts and thoughtful lending we have most of what we have needed for Liam without having to buy too much.  And a few others things we have made.  And these might be some of my favorite things of all.

Baby Toys (1 of 1)
I made this fun black and white (high contrast) mobile out of fabric, embroidery hoops, and ribbon.  It's hanging in our kitchen where Liam spends plenty of time while the rest of us eat and cook and do dishes!

Baby Toys2 (1 of 1) 
He loves it! Now if I could only find a little motor to make it spin that would be perfect. He likes staring at it when it's still, but when we twist the ribbon and it spins he just loves it! Baby Toys3 (1 of 1) Baby Toys5 (1 of 1) And then Joe made Liam this fantastic wooden "baby gym." It's so simple and so great. We just use plastic links and can hang so many of his toys from it. Most of the time he's quite content to just look up and watch his toys, but he has a little puppy dog chime that we've started to hang lower and he's starting to grab it. Baby2 (1 of 1) Baby3 (1 of 1) Baby5 (1 of 1) Baby4 (1 of 1) Baby6 (1 of 1)  

I just love it when simple and homemade do turn out to be the best!

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