Wednesday, October 9, 2013

3 Months...A New Start

My babe turned 3 months old today.  3 months!  Crazy!!!  And he's still just as cute as ever...

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Well, a while back I promised myself 3 months to rest and recover (and basically eat lots of all of the things I couldn't eat at the end of my pregnancy)!  So, it hasn't exactly felt like rest, but it has been 3 months so it's time for a fresh start for this mama.  For now I'm still going to eat all of those things I love (maybe just not lots), and I am going to start moving more.  And so that's just what I did today. Three4 (1 of 1)  It was a cold, foggy Maine fall morning, but I did it.  I bundled up my boys and went for a run (pushing Liam in the jogging stroller and running next to Eli on his bike).  I think I spent more time getting us all ready than I actually spent running, but I did it!  And then I did some ab exercises when I got home.  I have to say that it felt really good!

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