Thursday, March 20, 2014

Our Epic Florida Trip: Day Four- Sick Baby at the Beach

Day four of our trip found us finally settled into our condo with the conference up and running.  Joe and I were both able to go to meetings with the students (switching off) and Joe was able to go out sharing his faith with our students on the in that way things were going great.
So while Joe was with our students I decided to once again take all three kids to the beach.  This time I was much better prepared with how to manage the baby and try to play with the kids.  I brought the car seat down to the beach with us and Liam chilled out there while I dug a shallow hole in the sand, put our beach blanket over it, and then placed the baby in it (basically making a homemade beach baby bumbo seat)!:)  The baby seemed quite happy there for a while and I was even able to play in the sand a bit with the kids.

And that lasted for about 15-20 minutes before everything just came crashing down and the baby LOST it.  One second he was content and the next he was just screaming his head off.  And then he just screamed and screamed.  I was able to distract him here and there, but it just never lasted for long.  I managed to hold him out long enough to make it feel somewhat worthwhile for the Lily and Eli, but that was it.  The baby had been fussy for a couple of days and this day was certainly the peak with random screaming sessions throughout the day.  I knew that the baby wasn't feeling well before this, but I honestly thought that he would be so distracted at the beach (with the waves and the sand and all of the people) that he would be at least content.  That was not how it went however, and I finally had to acknowledge that there was more going on with our little guy than just a cold.
Honestly I don't remember many details from the rest of the day...I'm sure that Joe was with the students and I think he probably took the kids to the pool in the afternoon, but I just really remember spending much of the rest of the day trying to console a sick baby...

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