Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our Epic Florida Trip: Day 6- Urgent Care

The baby wasn't getting any better so the kids and I spent the morning in our condo and while Liam was sleeping we did this...

And then Joe took Lily and Eli with him to the morning meeting at the conference.  I was so excited that the kids had this opportunity (it was one of the things I was looking forward to in having them come with us to the spring break conference).  What an incredible opportunity for a 6 year old and a 4 year old to be in a room with over 1,200 college students worshiping God and singing praise to Christ!  What an amazing opportunity for them to see so many young adults sincerely following the Lord!  They thought that the music was quite loud, but other than that I think they enjoyed it!:)
After the meeting Joe took them to the beach (his first time with them since arriving) and while he did that Liam and I headed to urgent care.  After many days and nights of extreme fussiness it was clear that Liam had more than the cold the rest of us had and even though I dreaded taking him in I knew that we had to see a doctor.
Thankfully the whole process wasn't the 3 hour long ordeal that every urgent care/emergency room visit with Eli in the last two years has been!  It actually went somewhat quickly and easily.  The doctor looked in one ear which was normal.  But then he looked in the second one, noticed it looked a bit pink, and then as he tried to get another look Liam totally lost it and even with the two of us we couldn't get him still enough for the doctor to get another look.  Given that it looked pink initially and Liam's reaction (not at all like the first ear) it seemed likely that he had an ear infection.  Which is really what I thought anyway and seemed to match up with everything going on.  I might have initially preferred to go the all natural route, but at that point I was pretty happy just to get him some antibiotics and begin to put it all behind us!
I have to say though that the saddest thing I encountered at urgent care was the three college girls sitting near me in the waiting room.  One of them had sliced their foot open on some glass on the beach.  That was a bummer, but what was worse was listening to them talk about their "adventures" the night before.  One of the girls had been in such bad shape that she was talking about how thankful she was that another friend had happened to find her passed out on the floor somewhere.  She didn't apparently remember where she was or how she got there.  And my mama instinct just wanted to grab her and shake her and tell her how dangerous what she was doing is.  Good gracious, anything could have (and may have) happened to that girl.  And she just laughed it off because either that's just what felt easiest at the time or because our culture tells her that this is the best "adventure" available to her.  It breaks my heart.  I didn't have the opportunity there in the waiting room to share with her that there is, indeed, a much better adventure available to her.  But the Lord broke my heart for those girls and I have been thinking of them often and praying for them and asking Him to reveal His truth to their hearts.
And the rest of our day was spent letting the baby rest and rescuing a turtle.  Yes, a turtle!  Upon returning from the beach we had the kids jump in the pool to get the sand off and as soon as they did they found a sweet, little baby turtle swimming in the pool.  We were pretty sure that he didn't belong in a swimming pool so we rescue him...

And later in the day Joe and the kids returned it to one of the ponds at the resort.  
And that was Day 6!