Friday, April 11, 2014

Our Epic Florida Trip: Day 8- A Little Sand Storm

Joe spent most of this day with our students at the conference and out on the beach initiating spiritual conversations.  Meanwhile I stayed back with the kiddos.  And I thought that once again I would try taking all three of them to the beach.  The weather was a little cooler, but still warm and very sunny and the baby seemed to be doing quite a bit better so I thought we might just have a successful outing.  Or maybe not!  As we walked out onto the beach a dad who was leaving the beach told me to be careful of the little blowing sand storms.  I wasn't quite sure what he was talking about since it seemed beautiful on the beach.
I even managed to capture this picture of my sweethearts...

Beach (1 of 1) 

But then those little sand storms started to come. It would be perfectly calm one moment and then out of nowhere the wind would just whip up the sand into a brutal little sand storm and all we could do was just close our eyes and turn around and wait for it to calm down. Oh, the kids tried to play... 

Beach7 (1 of 1) 

But the sand kept whipping them in the face. And then as they were playing with their remote controlled cars Eli's got swept away by a wave and being the sweet, brave big sister that she is Lily dove in after it (in her clothes). She rescued the car (which can go in the water) but she was half soaked and cold and not pleased. Between the soaked clothes and sand storms I knew it was just time to cash it in! So we headed back to the
condo to eat some ice cream.

  Beach2 (1 of 1) 

Beach3 (1 of 1) 

Beach4 (1 of 1) 

And drive the cars away from the waves... 

Beach5 (1 of 1) 

Beach6 (1 of 1)

And we had some pool time with Joe and the students when they got back and rescued a 2nd turtle (which was crawling around IN one of our condo's bedrooms) and overall it was a pretty good day (despite the little sand storms)!

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