Tuesday, April 5, 2011

He is our Comforter

So now that you've all meet Kitty and know how much Lily loves her I can tell you that yesterday was a rough day. Lily was just having a terrible time listening and obeying and there was a lot of attitude. Thus Kitty was taken away three times. Uggghh- it was not fun. The last time was right before bed and I took Kitty away for the whole night. There was a lot of crying to say the least. She must have asked me 30 times if I would give Kitty back. Each time I explained why she couldn't have Kitty was met with more tears. Finally I just had to put her to bed. And I just knew that she would come out of her room over and over again and so I prepared myself. And sure enough, I wasn't downstairs more than 10 seconds before she came out of her room and was screaming at the top of the stairs. To my surprise though she wasn't crying about Kitty she was crying because we didn't read her devotional ("bebotional" as she says it). We have a preschool devotional book that we read with her every night before bed. I intentionally skipped it that night because she just couldn't seem to calm down to read it. So together we read her devotional and then she asked if I would pray. I did. But right after I finished she asked if I would pray again and ask God to help her not be so sad. So I prayed again both that God would help comfort Lily through the night and that He would help her to be obedient and kind the next day. I have to admit that in my lack of faith I really expected that as soon as I finished that the crying would start again. But it didn't. It was as if God literally comforted her at that moment. She calmly kissed me good night and went to sleep. I didn't hear another peep out of her last night until she calmly came down in the morning. And God once again used my child to remind me that He is our comforter and our strength. That He alone (beyond even our beloved possessions) can give us peace. Comfort. Peace. Peace that passes understanding.