Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On a Gloomy Spring Day


Did you have a guess? Did you figure out what they were doing?

They were actually "bobbing" for play balls! Eli started doing it randomly and then they both started doing it (although Lily was actually the only one who could grab one with her mouth).

Ball Pit

So this is what we did on a gloomy, dreary spring day.

Ball Pit2

In the fall I cleaned out our sand box (the red crab), filled it with play balls that we borrowed from friends, and made a ball pit in our basement. Unfortunately our basement is pretty messy and cold and we didn't use it all that much during the winter.

Ball Pit3

And now that it's actually starting to feel like spring it's almost time to move the sand box back outside and fill it up with sand.

Ball Pit4

So I figured that we might as well move the ball pit up into the living room for a few days of play before we take it outside.

Ball Pit5

So on this gloomy spring day we did just that. And to make it even better we made it so that our slide goes right into it!

Ball Pit6

Do you think that they are having fun?

Ball Pit7

They had a blast- sliding down the slide, crashing into the balls and each other, kicking and throwing balls, laughing their heads off, and doing it over and over and over again! And oh my, I just can't get enough of this picture above (sibling fun at it's best)!

Ball Pit8

Climb! Jump! Slide! Repeat!

Ball Pit9

That's how you cure the gloomy spring time blues (and give mom a little time to make dinner)!

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