Monday, April 4, 2011

Here Kitty Kitty

Kitty_edited-1 Kitty2_edited-1 Kitty3 Kitty5_edited-1

We have been trying to teach Lily to pick up after herself and to help us around the house (because things have gotten a little out of control here)! We try to encourage her (when I think of it) to pick up as she goes throughout the day, we have clean-up time at the end of the day when she helps us clean up the living room, and more and more we have been having her pick up her own room (or at least help). So, to keep her motivated a few weeks ago I went out and bought her a "FurReal Kitty." This kitty meows when you pet it, it walks on it's own, and kneads it's paws. Lily loves cats these days and playing kitty is her favorite game so I knew that she would LOVE this kitty. And I was right. But the catch was that she had to work for 14 days helping us clean up the house to earn the kitty. We made a chart and each day she did a good job helping us she got a star. When she had 14 stars she finally had "kitty day" as she called it. We discipline in a number of different ways, but I also think that positive reinforcement like this is so important. I have absolutely no doubt that she loves her kitty even more because she waited and worked so hard for her. So much so that she was even willing to pose for these pictures for me with her new kitty (named Whiskers)- that is until the last picture when she started to get a bit antsy!:)

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