Saturday, April 30, 2011



The University we work at has a cow and horse farm. I didn't really know much about it until the end of spring break when we had Dan, one of our Lifelines student leaders, stay with us for the last few days of break. Dan works at the farm and helped deliver one of the baby cows when he was staying with us. Then a few weeks later I was talking with a grandmother at our library children's time and she was telling me that she takes her grandaughter there quite often when it's nice. She seemed shocked that the kids and I had never been there for a visit. So, I decided that we must go. And so we did just that- along with my mom (while my parents were visiting recently). And my oh my I'm in love with this little farm. Why? Well, let's just say that I'm a sucker for baby animals and baby cows are no exception. As you can see there is this sweet little room with all the babies - who will happily let you pet them (and nibble your fingers a bit)! There were big cows too and horses, but I could have spent all afternoon with the babies! Eli was really excited about the cows from the beginning, but he was a little nervous for a bit to actually touch them. Instead he just kept pointing at them in wonder (see picture #4) while yelling, "Ooh, ooh!" We hear from our friend Dan that they are due for another baby sometime this week and that we could come meet the new little one as soon as a couple hours after it is born!!! We do have a bunch of meetings this week, and a trip to Bar Harbor planned amongst other things, but maybe if we get lucky we will also have a visit with a newborn baby calf!

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