Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Weekend of the Goat




Last weekend Joe had to take a class down in Southern Maine not too far from his parent's house so the kids and I decided to join in for a long weekend with Nonnie and Grampy! And while we did do some visiting with family we also did some visiting with friends and...goats.

On Sunday, while Joe was in class, Grampy took the kids and I to a near bye sugar house for Maine Maple Sunday! We toured the sugar house, played on tractors, had maple syrup sundaes, and (you guessed it) played with goats. And it wasn't just petting goats through a fence. Oh no, the kids and I got to get inside the pen and actually feed and run around with the goats- too fun!

But that's not where our goat fun ended. The next day the kids and I visited our friends, the Winslows, who moved from our area a little over a year ago. It was such a joy to catch up with this sweet family. Visiting Melissa is always an encouragement for me. And...right when we got to their house they introduced us to the newest members of their family (2 mama goats, 3 baby goats, and one miniature horse)! And let me just tell you (in case you were wondering)- baby goats are adorable! And hungry! Did you know that goats like to nibble hair, and coats, and just about anything they can get their mouths on? They do, but because they are babies it's actually pretty sweet! My friend Melissa took these pictures of the kids and I with the goats and the mini horse (and yes, the goat in the last pictures is trying to eat Eli's coat)!

Is it strange for me to wish that more of our weekends involved goats?:)

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murillo said...

You are definitely not crazy...goats are great!