Monday, September 12, 2011



I'm not in pictures very often...which makes sense since I'm usually the one taking the pictures. Every now and then Joe will snap a few of me and the kids (just so they know that I WAS around when all of these pictures were being taken)! Truth be told though I would really like to be in more pictures with my kids (and Joe too). It's not that I love seeing myself in pictures (I don't) but I do love seeing myself with my family and having that memory. So, the other day I sort of remembered the remote release I bought for my camera a little over a year ago (and only used twice)...and now I am determined to use it to get more pictures of the kids and I together. So here's my first attempt yesterday of the kids and I playing on our bed. Eli was not in a good - mood but he was slightly interested in my camera remote (you can see in picture #5 that he is looking at the remote- and he actually took that picture)! These are far from technically great, but I still can't help but love them a bit simply because I'm with my little loves!

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