Sunday, June 10, 2012


Friends (1 of 1)
Right before we left for our adventures out west we managed to have some of our very good friends over for a hot dog cookout in our backyard.  I only got my camera out for a bit, but I did snap this picture of Laura and Jennifer- two of my best friends.  You have likely seen a few pictures of their kids on my blog (because they are some of Lily's best friends)- but I rarely make them the subject of my photos...because, like many adults, they don't really love having their picture taken...despite the fact that they are both BEAUTIFUL.  But I just had to share this picture today because I am very much missing these two wonderful friends.  Here on the summer project we have been sharing with each other about the last year and as you might imagine it has been an emotional process sharing with them all of the hard times of the last year.  And yet as I relived the last year I couldn't help but think of these two friends and how the Lord used them to comfort me and support me and to remind me of His goodness.  I do miss them.  They have fun, exciting things going on in their lives right now and I hate not being there to be a part of it and I just can't wait to get back home and have a good, long coffee date with them!

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