Friday, June 8, 2012

The Making of our Family Photo

Family (1 of 1)
It's not the best picture I have ever taken, but I kinda love it.
I love it most because I just love our family.
But I also love it because I know what went into creating it.  You see, this family that I love so much HATES having their picture taken.  They are all so supportive of me in my photography and they love the pictures I take of the little ones in our family, but the glares come out pretty quick anytime the lens is pointed anywhere in their direction!:)  So you can imagine my shock when my sister-in-law called me just as we were about to leave for the summer to ask me if I would be willing to take a family photo that afternoon at the little party we were having to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday.  She recognized that that afternoon might have been the last time we were ALL together for quite some time (since her oldest son is going cross country for college this year) and she wanted to get a good family photo before he left.
Like I said, it's not the greatest photo I have ever taken, but it's pretty amazing for a couple of reasons...
It's amazing because somebody other than me in our family initiated it!
It's amazing because everybody in the family agreed with very little complaining or grumbles (unless they were all doing it behind my back)!:)
It's amazing because we got this shot with only two clicks of the shutter.  Right as we were getting set up it really started to this shot was in the rain (and so was my camera) so literally all I got was two shots!
And it's AMAZING that with only two shots (and this many people and little ones) that EVERYBODY was looking (and generally smiling)!
And it's amazing because, even though I set up the shot and settings, this is actually a self timer photo!  Yes, I set it up, clicked the button, and RAN to my seat...and you can't even tell (I even stopped on my run back to the chair to take Eli's hood off of his head)!:)
I'm thankful for this picture and everybody in it...and maybe they'll let me take another one in 10 years!:)

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