Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Redneck Waterbed

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I found this idea on a blog I love called Play At Home Mom and I just couldn't resist.  It was pretty hot while we were visiting my parents in Wisconsin and it just seemed perfect.  All I did was buy a roll of heavy plastic sheeting , folded it in half, and duck tapped the open sides together (if I do it again I'll fold the sides over twice before I tape it) and also taped it together around the hose, then turned the hose on and filled it up with water (and a little bit of blue food coloring)!
Truth be told Joe thought I was crazy.  He watched me do it totally thinking that it wouldn't work.  And I'll admit, when I started filling it up it did leak a bit and I started to have doubts myself.  Then I realized I didn't put it on a part of the lawn that was totally flat, so my ever growing water blob starting creeping down hill.  But, Joe came to my rescue and helped me move it to a flat part of the yard.  And then...and then... the rest was a TOTAL success!!  As you can see the kids LOVED it.  They played on it for a big chunk of the morning (we had to make them stop for lunch) and again for most of the afternoon after nap time. 
They loved running and sliding on it, jumping on it, and just laying on it!  And after a while we  added a little water and soap to the top to make it even more fun and the kids really loved that!  Yes, it did start to form weak spots and a few holes, but I was able to fix most of those with a little bit of duck tape- I was amazed at how well it held up!  In fact later in the afternoon Joe even picked me up (fully dressed and screaming) and threw me into our water blob!  Once I was all wet and soapy I decided I might as well take a few running superman slides into it- which really was pretty fun.  And then we even convinced Joe to join in the fun!  And it help up through it all.
Yep, this one was a keeper!  For $10 we had a full days worth of water, soapy, giant bubble fun!  I'm sure that this is one we'll do again at some point and maybe Joe and I will even join in the fun from the very beginning! 

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Mandy said...

Wow! THAT IS SO FUN!! I will definitely have to do this someday when we don't live in the desert. :-)