Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Few Prayer Requests

As we head into the first week of school (at the University and also for homeschool) I have a few quick prayer requests...

  • Would you pray for our first white water rafting trip of the year tomorrow (Monday).  It's a trip for freshmen and we are asking the Lord to move in their lives in ways that only He can.
  • Could you also pray for me...I've been having some significant muscle pain in my neck, down into my right shoulder, back, and shoulder blade.  This has been happening on and off since last fall (sometimes with months in between)- but on Wedn. it all just seized up and it's been the worst it has ever been.  Would you please pray that the muscle would relax and that the pain would go away (and stay away).
  • And then just a bit ago we found out that our friend's little girl (who played with Lily last week) has lice.  Lily's asleep now so we haven't been able to check her, but would you please pray that she doesn't have lice (oh man, it makes me feel all creepy and itchy just thinking about it)!
Thanks so much for your prayers!

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