Friday, September 14, 2012

Summer Staff

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One of the best parts of every summer for me is getting the opportunity to spend time with the wonderful staff on our projects!  I love being a part of exposing them to the Lifelines ministry and philosophy, seeing the growth in their lives (and mine), and just having the privilege of getting to live life with them.  And this summer was no exception.  In fact, the team that Joe and I specifically coached (in the picture right above) was one of my favorites ever.  As always, some of our staff on the project are already on staff with Lifelines and some of the others aren't (we love them anyway)!:)  It was exciting though to see a few of these previously non-Lifelines staff members from this summer make decisions to join staff with Lifelines full time after their experiences on the project!  That was a highlight for me this summer.  Now it's just a bummer that I can't place them all with us!

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