Saturday, September 8, 2012


Our first week of homeschool went great and Lily is still loving it!
In other, not so great news, we are not the healthiest group.  On Thursday afternoon we discovered a nite in Lily's hair (no live lice thankfully, but this was enough).  We previously thought we escaped this lice exposure, but it seems as though we haven't.  Thankfully we seem to have caught it pretty early and we haven't found anything else since on any of us.  We did go ahead and treat all of us just to be safe.  And I've been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and washing just about everything that can be washed...just to make sure there's nothing lingering that could re-infect us later.  Uggghh...makes me feel creepy all over just thinking about it!
And of course all of this happened right about the same time that Eli started getting sick.  It started as a nasty little cough, then a runny nose and finally yesterday I could hear it settle into his chest and he was wheezy sounding.  Yep, we've been here before.  Poor little guy.  Ironically he had his well child check up yesterday (even though he wasn't so well)- and sure enough his oxygen levels were low (not low enough, thankfully, to need to be in the hospital, but not good).  And once again I am so thankfully for our nebulizer.  Some good rest and a few more treatments and hopefully he'll be just fine.  I also woke up not feeling so good this morning.  And so we missed our niece Lacey's 4th birthday party today.  I love birthday parties and I hate missing out on family gatherings, so this was just a bummer all around.  But, in the end it was probably good for us to have a restful day.  Oh wait, I cleaned all I guess it was good for the kids to have a restful day!
So, that's the update on us.  In happier times though (maybe a week or two ago) we thought it would be fun to put our pool at the bottom of our slide.  We were right- as you will see!:)

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