Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Kidds14-screen (1 of 1) Kidds5-screen (1 of 1) Kidds7-screen (1 of 1) Kidds8-screen (1 of 1) Kidds10-screen (1 of 1) 
This is the Kidd family and they are our dear friends. They are on staff with Campus Crusade and John and Kelly lived here with us is Maine for a bit while they trained with Lifelines. And ever since they have been special friends. They spent most of their year in Virginia doing Lifelines, but every now and then we get to spent a summer with them. And we did just that this summer. And once again we were totally blessed to have these dear friends living just down the hall from us. Our older girls were best friends this summer playing together ALL the time. And I think that Eli may have formed his first little crush on their little girl (who's just a month older than him). It had a great time taking these pictures of their beautiful family (never, and I mean never, have I experienced children so easy to photograph)! We love if we can just think of a way to get them back to our neck of the woods!

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