Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My kind of Spring!

It's no secret that Spring is my least favorite season.  Most of the time Spring just seems cold, wet, and muddy to me.  I do try to embrace it...but this year?  This year has been my kind of Spring.  I took these pictures a little while back on the first nice day that we got out the bikes...but that was a while ago and since then it has just been BEAUTIFUL!  It has been quite warm and mostly dry and oh so lovely.  We did finally get some rain the last couple of days, but even I could embrace that because it turned everything green and even the leaves seem to pop out overnight!  And really, with weeks of beautiful weather before that I could hardly complain.  The kids have been outside often, sometimes for hours at a time.  Yes, they often come in wet and muddy (they love dirt and water) but they play together so incredibly outside and this mama couldn't be happier to let them run and play and get muddy!  Oh, if only every spring could be this perfect.  But wait, it's still only May so maybe I shouldn't get too ahead of myself!:)

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