Monday, May 20, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

We celebrated Mother's Day a few days late this year because we were busy on Sunday with church and Lily's soccer game (though that was canceled due to rain).  So a few days later we headed to Bar Harbor for the afternoon.  This has become our Mother's Day tradition and I love it.  We had brunch at one of my very favorite restaurants (I had been dreaming of their food for weeks).  And then we headed outdoors for a little whirlwind tour of the was such a whirlwind that I really didn't get many pictures this year. But we took Sadie for her first visit to Sand Beach.  It was beautiful, but cold and crazy windy.  Sadie loved it...the people, other dogs, sand, and water...she loved it so much that she kept us running in circles a bit.  The kids loved it too...seemingly unfazed by the cold or the wind I think they could have stayed there much longer than we did.  We drove around the park a bit and also had the chance to stop at the beautiful gardens we go to every Mother's Day to get our annual picture.  The children, at that point, were not so excited to be photographed but we tried out best.  Joe mentioned something about the gardens being fairy gardens and that's all it took for Lily to fall in love with it there and declare it the most beautiful gardens she has ever seen!:)  We also saw plenty of frogs and some of the biggest tadpoles we have ever seen.  After the gardens we stopped off for a quick visit with my friend Anna before we headed quickly back home for Lily's soccer practice.  The day really was a bit of a whirlwind, but it was fun and I think we need to head back to the island soon before it gets too crazy busy there!

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