Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Liam (1 of 1) On Friday we had a 32 week ultrasound done at the hospital. We've been waiting for this for the last 12 weeks...anticipating, and hoping, and praying that we would get good news. The doctors wanted to get a good look at baby boy's bowel to see if there remained any areas of concern. We knew that if they found something abnormal that it would likely be correctable...but still, no parent wants for their baby to go through surgery right after birth (if ever).

We really felt pretty good about everything and though we were concerned we weren't overly anxious. I really felt pretty good right up until they started the ultrasound. Then the nerves hit and my stomach started churning a wee bit and I could feel the tears well up just the slightest. It's hard not to get nervous when they start looking at your baby's heart and brain...even though there were no concerns there's hard not to worry that they will find something wrong.

But to our delight and relief they didn't find anything wrong! We are thrilled to share that baby boy's bowel appears normal and that whatever issues may have been there before seem to have resolved themselves! We are so very thankful for God's goodness to us in this!

And those sweet chubby cheeks you see? Those are no illusion. Baby boy is already 4+ pounds! To put that in perspective some healthy babies are born full term at 5 or 6 pounds and we have almost 8 weeks left of growing to do (oh my)! So, we seem to have a sweet, chubby little (big) guy on our hands! If fact the ultrasound tech asked me if I have diabetes... nope, I just have big babies!:)

 Oh, I am in LOVE with those cheeks already!

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