Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oh Baby...Gear and Clothes!

My husband really doesn't like having a lot of stuff (unless, maybe, it's outdoor gear)!  So a couple of years ago out of love for my husband (and when we thought we were done having our own biological babies) we gave most of our baby gear and baby clothes away.  I guess you could say, in hindsight, that was a mistake!:)  As the arrival of our little man gets closer I am starting to feel that need to prepare...and to figure out what we have for the baby and sadly what we no longer have (because we gave it away or sold it a few years ago).
I am thankful that we still have a few of the big items like the crib and changing table.  And I am equally as thankful that we have been able to borrow a few other things like a snap n' go stroller from my friend Anna and the incredible baby swing that we gave to my friend Steph (and are now borrowing back)!  My sister-in-law is even giving us their old travel baby swing (which just happens to be the same model we gave away a few years ago) God is providing.  My friend Christy lent us bags of newborn clothes and I have been hitting up all of the local community yard sales for other baby clothes.  So it's all coming together.  But knowing that this WILL be our last biological baby (baring some real intervention from the Lord) I haven't been super motivated to spend a lot of money to purchase the other things we need/want.  I did buy a rock n' play sleeper so that we have a great, portable place for our babe to sleep in our room for the first few months (at least).  And yesterday I finally broke down and ordered an infant car seat (because we really can't go without that).
And the rest?  Well, that's part of the reason I'm writing this post.  I guess it's time to get organized.  And maybe, just maybe, there is somebody I know out there reading this who might have some of these things that they don't need anymore (or for the time being) and are willing to give, lend, or sell to us.  So here it goes...I think that these are things we still need/want...

1.  Baby Clothes...this is looking better than it was a few weeks ago thanks to my friend Christy and yard sales, but we would still appreciate anything up to size 2T.  We do have lots of little girl clothes that we no longer need so we might be willing to trade!:)

2.  A baby activity gym (I would love a wooden tripod one but I guess I can't be too picky)!

3.  An Ergo Baby Carrier...this is huge on my wish list...but they are a little pricey so maybe somebody out there has one?:)

4.  A Moby wrap or Boba Wrap.

5.  Wooden or Fabric Baby Toys

6.  A Sound Machine

7.  At some point I'm sure I'll want an Exesaucer type thingy (we used to have two of them and gave them both away...sigh)!:)

8.  Possibly a stroller...we have one we have borrowed that you just snap the infant car seat into so that should work for the first 2-3 months.  And then my grandma might be sending me one she has and we also have a lead on a jogging stroller that a friend might sell us.  But if there are any other leads out there we'll happily take them!:)

Well, well...I think that might be it (no so bad, I guess).  Just a few other things (like pacifiers and a few bottles and diapers)...things that we really have to buy new.  We are considering cloth diapers...but that's a story for another time!:)
If you happen to have any of these things that you would be willing to give away, lend, or sell please do let me know!  Exciting times!

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