Friday, May 10, 2013

Sweet Moment

The other night I had the sweetest moment with Eli.  We were reading books before bed and he was snuggled up really close (because he is a bit of a snuggler and there isn't much extra room on the recliner these days) when the baby started moving around quite a bit.  It was the first time that Eli has really been able to feel and see the baby move so clearly and he was in complete awe.  He would give a gentle little push on my belly and the baby would respond and Eli was just amazed by the whole thing.  We talked about how his little brother was probably wondering who or what was pushing on him!  And then a helicopter flew over our house and Eli looked a bit astonished and put his ear to by belly and said, "Mama, I just heard the baby!"  I tried to tell him that it was a helicopter, but in his mind he was definitely hearing his baby brother!:)  He "played" with his little brother and watched my belly for quite a long time.  Such a sweet memory and probably the best part of my week!  I just adore that boy and cannot wait for him to be a big brother!

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