Monday, July 1, 2013

It's Berry Time!

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It's that wonderful time of year...berry season!!
And as you probably know by now I'm a bit obsessed with picking our own fruit!:)
We've been strawberry picking 3 times so far...well, I should say that Joe and the children have been strawberry picking 3 times!  First it was Joe and both kids, and then just Joe and Eli for the 2nd time.  He insisted both times that the strawberry fields were no place for me being so pregnant and that I was better off staying home.  I guess it didn't take too much convincing.  But...the 3rd time around I insisted that I had to come, even if it were just to get a few pictures!
So, this was our last strawberry outing.  Lily was still really excited to help, but apparently Eli was over the whole experience.  He picked a couple to eat and he helped move the carrier Joe built around, but after that he was finished and actually hung out in the van for a bit while the rest of us finished.  And though Joe was convinced that I would be useless in picking (it IS rather hard for me to bend over these days) I did manage to pick 2-3 quarts!  
All told it was a good strawberry season and we picked 25 quarts.  Truth be told though I'm not sure it was enough.  We made strawberry shortcake, an AMAZING strawberry,lemon bundt cake, strawberry jam, and of course we ate a few and froze the rest.  I'm wishing we had more.  If the fields were a little closer or I was able to move a little better I would be trying to convince Joe that we should go back out one more time. I still might...but I don't think he'll fall for it!

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