Thursday, May 19, 2011

Birds Nests

Bird Nests_edited-1
Bird Nests2_edited-1
Bird Nests3_edited-1
Bird Nests4
Bird Nests5_edited-1
Bird Nests6_edited-1
Bird Nests7
Bird Nests8_edited-1

Okay, I am finally going to start editing and posting the many pictures I have from the last two months! It may be a little slow because I am also trying to edit all of the wedding pictures from last weekend and I start a new photography class on Monday!

But for now here are some pictures I took when the kids made white chocolate birds nests for Easter. My mom and I made the nests and both of the kids enjoyed putting the jellybean eggs inside (though I think that Eli ate more jellybeans than he actually placed in the nests)! And as you can see I think that the kid's favorite part was licking the bowl and spoons after it was all finished!

P.S. There wasn't anything wrong with Lily's head- she just really likes playing with band-aids (and I do believe that she wore this one the whole day)!

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