Friday, May 20, 2011

Mud Season!


In Maine we affectionately refer to Spring as Mud Season- and this year it is living up to its name! It's been raining off and on just about every day for a week now. It is wet and dreary and muddy. This morning the kids and I took the dog out for a walk (during a break in the rain) and at the end of the walk I decided to just go ahead and let them splash a bit. And splash they did. It started out pretty calm until Eli sort of tipped over in the puddle. He was soaked and muddy and right away I picked him up and started to head inside. But he didn't want to go- he wanted to splash some more. And then I just decided that I would do that- just let them splash until they were good and wet and muddy (they were, after all, going to need a shower anyway)! And they did- they splashed and splashed and splashed- until their footy pajamas were covered in mud and their rain boots were full of water!

And then to the shower we headed.

And then we baked cookies.

Followed by nap time.

And then we did this...





The last two days we have been studying the letter "S" and I was hoping that we could go outside to make Snake trails in the Sandbox- but by the time nap time was over it was raining again- so we made our own little sand boxes (with flour) in the kitchen. For quite some time both Lily and Eli were delighted- making snake trails through the flour, burying the snakes, and just scooping and raking the little boxes of flour! Yes, there was more than a little flour on the floor, but it was well worth it!

It's been a wonderful, wet, sandy day in the Cousins house.

And in case you are are the final counts for the day:

Eli: 2 showers and 4 outfit changes!

Lily: 1 shower and 3 outfit changes!

Me: No shower and 2 outfit changes!:)

P.S. We also had a few milestones today. Lily rode her tricycle all the way up the hill on our street! Usually we have to push her all the way up the hill, but today I just gave her a few little pushes and then let go and she peddled the whole way! And not to be outdone Eli (during his two showers) learned how to turn the handle and change the water temperature- and thus ended up with a few cold showers!:)

Happy Mud Season!

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