Monday, May 9, 2011


1st RAW2
1st RAW6

I am still waiting to hear back about my computer. I hate the waiting. I have so many pictures and stories to share with all of you, but all of my editing software is on my computer (not Joe's). I could download it to Joe's, but it's just a huge hassle so I'm going to wait a few more days. I fly out to Minnesota on Saturday to photograph my first wedding!!!!!!!!!! So, if my computer isn't back, fixed, and in my hands by Friday I will be downloading all of my photo software onto Joe's laptop and stealing it for a few days! All of this is to say that I know that some of you have been waiting and waiting for me to post pictures of Lily's birthday party, but I fear you will have to wait a bit longer!:) But while you wait I thought I would share these pictures I recently took of Lily. They aren't anything special really- I actually just shot them quick to test out a format in my camera. So these are my first shots ever in RAW. I was really nervous about taking this leap, but I'm excited about the possibilities (which include more creative control, an increased ability to fix mistakes in editing, and some preserved detail). They just happen to be some of the only recent photographs I have edited. Lily was playing and digging in the dirt and tending to the chives that are growing there. She has spent quite a bit of time doing this over the last few weeks (and nearly drowning the poor chives with her constant watering)! She has become so excited about gardening that in addition to our family vegetable garden that we will be starting soon I am also planning to make a little kiddie garden so that Lily and Eli can have their very own place to dig, water, and get dirty in!

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