Monday, May 16, 2011

Wow- What a Weekend!!

Bride & Groom-River Kiss_edited-2

Wow...what a weekend this has been!

A good weekend. An exhausting weekend. A fun, challenging, stressful, joyful celebration of love (for my bride and groom) and learning (for me)!

I sit here once again in the Philly airport. After getting up at 4a.m. this morning I arrived at the airport in Minnesota only to find that my flight was delayed for 3 hours. I thus missed my connecting flight (by just a few minutes) and have thus become rather familiar with the Philly airport as I wait 8 HOURS until the next flight to Maine (at 9p.m. this evening).

I can't remember a time in recent memory when I was this exhausted. I've got up incredibly early for the last three mornings (twice for early morning flights and once for a lovely breakfast with old friends in Minnesota). It is quite possible that I packed in way to much for such a short weekend!:)

The wedding itself was amazing. It was both very fun and also rather stressful for me. Not everything went quite as planned- some of it better and some of it worse (photography-wise) The lighting was very challenging throughout the day, but I had very willing, patient, laid-back, and in love subjects! And it sure didn't hurt my pictures that Tessa (the bride) was stunning (as you can see)!

I think that I was more tired after photographing 12 hours of their wedding than I was at my own wedding!:) I've been joking with people that I now understand why wedding photographers make the big bucks- it's a ton of work! But it was fun too and I felt incredibly blessed to be able to spend so much time with my friends John and Tessa on their special day. I now start sorting through and editing the some 1,500 pictures I took!

I'll have more to share from (and about the wedding) once I've had a chance to rest and edit and process my thoughts. For now I'll leave you with this picture (my favorite so far of the ones I've edited here at the airport). Aren't they just sweet?

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