Friday, December 23, 2011

The countdown is on!

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The Countdown Is On!!!
Lily and Eli have been counting down the days 'til Christmas all month with the advent calendars my mom made for them!  Each day they pull out a little box and not only only get to enjoy the little treat my mom has hidden inside (candy, stickers, etc...) but they also get to see what creative, festive picture my mom made on the other side!  They look forward to doing their advent calendar every morning and they are so excited that Christmas is nearly here!  Yesterday we were planning to head to Bar Harbor (without snow we were going to hit the beach to collect some rocks for a gift I am making for Eli).  Instead we decided to slow it down a little and stay home.  We made and decorated cookies, went to the pool, Joe worked on a homemade gift for the kids, and we all ate pizza in the living room while watching the Muppet's Christmas Carol.  What a fun day!  And this morning we woke up to snow and the hope of a white Christmas after all!:)  We had our Christmas celebration with my family over Skype this morning and overall it has been such a nice couple of days as we continue to countdown 'til Christmas and celebrate all the while along the way!

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