Saturday, December 3, 2011

Eli's 2nd Birthday!

Yes, we already had Eli's big birthday party a few weeks ago, but since my parents were here we had to celebrate again on his actual birthday!  There were a few plans that I had that just didn't work out.  My mom and I were going to make some special cupcakes, but my parents had some problems with their flights the day before and didn't get in until much later than the special cupcakes instead became a Dairy Queen ice cream cake!  We were also going to take Eli to the open gym time at our YMCA or to a jump house fun place in a city near us, but we got a pretty good snow storm on his birthday which canceled these plans.
But we did have balloons...lots and lots of balloons!
The night before my parents, Joe, and I blew up two big bags of balloons and filled the floor of his room silently while he was sleeping!:)
He wasn't quite so sure what to think when he first woke up (he wakes up his mama), but it didn't take long before...
he was having a blast with his room full of balloons!
Birthday7 Birthday8
And they had a great time filling up Eli's crib...
and jumping in themselves!
Birthday10 Birthday11 Birthday12
And there were some pretty fantastic gifts...
this spring horse from my parents.  I had one when I was little (his name was Petey) and I've been wanting to get one for the kids basically since Lily was born!
We can't decide what to name him...Lily wanted to call him Rosey, I want to call him Petey (of course), and Joe wants to call him Buck.  We may just have to wait until Eli can name him himself!:)
Birthday15 Birthday16 Birthday17 Birthday18 Birthday19
Mom and Dad bought Eli these cowbody hats too (and they were smart enough to buy two of them)...though Eli seems to think that the horse should be the one wearing the hat!
Birthday20 Birthday21 Birthday22
And this was our gift for Eli...a wooden toolbench!
I think this boy has some skills!
Birthday24 Birthday25 Birthday26-B&W
And this time around he was a little less intimidated by the singing and he was excited to blow out his candles (though it is hard to do with a pacifier in)!:)
There we go!
Birthday28 Birthday29
Happy Happy Birthday to the most wonderful two year old litle boy I have ever known!

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Higgenbottom said...

Lily and Eli are so adorable! What a fantastic birthday and an amazing way to wake up to it!