Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Polar Express

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Eli LOVES trains right now so shortly after Thanksgiving my parents took us all for a ride on The Polar Express in Portland!  What a fun way to celebrate Eli's birthday and the Christmas season!  The day before we went we watched the movie (which was a good idea because they do try to recreate the movie on the ride).  It was a real steam train and as you can see it was beautiful.  The whole ride was very cute including even little details like the kids riding in their pajamas and special golden tickets for the kids. After a short ride bakers came on the train and did a little song and dance (from the movie) and delivered cookies and mugs of hot cocoa.  They also read The Polar Express story and for a bit everyone sang Christmas carols and we rode the train to the "North Pole."  Once at the North Pole Santa joined us and greeted all of the children and gave them each a special Polar Express bell!  The ride itself was a bit short but the kids LOVED it and it was just perfect for them.  Even now, weeks later, every time we hear or talk about a train Eli says "ooh, ooh" (like choo choo- his way for saying train) and then points outside and then points to himself which basically is his way of saying that he rode a train outside!  After I confirm that he'll then point to me and Lily (because we also rode the train with him)- so cute.  Riding The Polar Express clearly left an impression on him!

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