Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Thankful Tree

Thankful Tree Thankful Tree2
It has been a difficult year for us.  And maybe that's why I thought it even more important that we take time to remember to be THANKFUL for the blessings in our life (because there are many).  So this year we did a "Thankful Tree" and it was so good for us and our kids that I'm hoping it will be a yearly tradition!  During most nights in November after dinner we each shared one thing we were thankful for, wrote it down on a paper leaf, and then hung it on our tree.  It was fun to see our tree fill up with blessings and it did my heart some good.  Lily loved doing it much more than I even would have guessed and both kids loved hanging the leaves on the tree each night. I was so impressed by how much thought Lily put into each thing she was thankful for and her leaves had so much meaning.  Eli still isn't saying much, but we would still ask him each night what he was thankful for and sometimes he would point at things (and other times we would just make something up for him)! Joe also insisted that Indy get leaves every now and then (so there are some really random ones) and my parents joined in a bit too while they were here!  Here are some of the many things we were thankful for this year (in no particular order):
  • That we have heaven to look forward to
  • For Grammy & G-Pa being with us for Thanksgiving
  • Monsters (Eli loves monsters)
  • That daddy gets to be home to eat dinners with us
  • Lily
  • Snakes
  • That God is taking care of Baby Joy
  • M & M's
  • Cars
  • That all the bugs are dead
  • For the snowstorm we had
  • That God helps us not to be scared
  • For my two beautiful, healthy children
  • That the snow came here
  • For Lily & Eli helping to rake the leaves
  • The ladies at church who bless people with their cooking
  • Hand-me-down clothes and shoes for the kids
  • Meatloaf pans (this was "from" Indy)
  • That God gave us our hearts
  • That we can help other kids that don't have toys
  • Airplanes (even if they are slow)
  • That God takes care of us
  • Balls
  • For grand kids
  • Squirrels
  • Good co-workers
  • That God made us
  • That it hasn't snowed yet
  • For Brambleberry and soap making supplies (this was from my mother)
  • For Food
  • Teachers (at school and church)
  • Pacifiers
  • For Blackman Stream
  • The wood stove
  • Turkey
  • For being outside
  • That Lily's ear tubes are working
  • Meat
  • Nonnie & Grampy babysitting
  • Table Scraps
  • For Baby Joy
  • That God is in heaven

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