Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guest Reader

Reader Reader3 Reader2
The day before my parents left my mom was the guest reader at Lily's school!  I'm so happy that she got the chance to do it and I know that Lily loved having her there (G-Pa was there too- you can see him watching from the rocking chair in the 2nd picture)!  As you can see the kids were pretty interested in the book by the end!:)  And mom didn't just get to read- she also got to dance with the kids (since there was a little bit of time left at the end of class)!  We are, by the way, very much missing school.  This is Lily's 2nd week of break and we still have a few more weeks (it's such a long break because the school follows the university schedule).  It is giving us time to do some fun things together but Lily does miss seeing her friends everyday.  For now we'll just try to enjoy the time at home!

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Lou Ann said...

Great photos - thanks for Sharing.
Merry Christmas and God Bless.