Sunday, December 11, 2011

More to be thankful for...

If you read my "Thankful Tree" post you might know that we have been working on being thankful for our many blessings.  Well, I have one more to add today.  We got my latest pathology report back on Friday and my HCG hormone levels are down to 1.1... and my doctor is so happy with this that she may only have me go through one or two more months of testing (instead of the full 6 months)!  I didn't even know that this was a possibility (as I thought the 6 months was even pretty good...some people have to go through a full year of testing).  It brings me to tears really to think of it...maybe because it's just one small, unexpected blessing in an area of life that has just been so hard.  And because it reminds me of something that I honestly felt even in the darkest time...that God is good.  I remember a few mornings during that horrible week in August...waking up in tears and through the tears one of the first thoughts in my head was that God is good.  It doesn't make sense that I felt that way in those moments.  How could the first thing I thought in the mornings following the loss of our baby girl be that God is good?  All I can say is that those feelings came from somewhere outside of me.  In those moments of pain God was reminding me of this simple truth.  And  now, as I celebrate this happy news, I once again have tears streaming down my face and I find myself thinking once again...God is good...all the time...and all the time...God is good.

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