Saturday, February 25, 2012

Forgotten Photos

While looking for the picture of Eli on the tire swing the other day I found these pictures that I had totally forgotten about.  They were taken the same day as the tire swing pictures- just a little earlier in the day.  We were down visiting Joe's family and had some time in the morning so we decided to go out and explore Fort Edgecomb which wasn't too far away.  Looking back on these pictures reminds me just how much I love Maine- the coast, the water, the changing of the seasons, the history- it's just an incredible place to explore!
The Fort (1 of 1)
The Fort2 (1 of 1) The Fort3 (1 of 1) The Fort4 (1 of 1) The Fort6 (1 of 1) The Fort5 (1 of 1) The Fort7 (1 of 1) The Fort8 (1 of 1) The Fort10 (1 of 1) The Fort9 (1 of 1)

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