Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm an optimist, but...

I'm an optimist and I generally look at things from a positive point of view.  But this is becoming ridiculous even for me.  I've been sick for well over a month now and I was just starting to feel mostly better (with just a few, small lingering symptoms).  And then yesterday Joe had a migraine all day and was feeling a bit sick to his stomach (not uncommon when he gets migraines).  At 11p.m. though Lily started throwing up (poor thing threw up in her bed)- and that continued a few times throughout the night.  And then at 4a.m. I started feeling it too.  At first I wondered if I was just imagining it- I had, after all, been watching Lily, rubbing her back and holding her hair while she was sick a few times.  But no, it seems that the stomach bug has hit our house.  Joe is actually feeling somewhat better today and Eli, thankfully, seems fine.  Lily and I are not doing nearly as well and the two of us have spent pretty much the whole day in bed or laying in the living room watching cartoons, drinking ginger ale, and eating Saltines.  It just seems so ridiculous to me that I almost have to laugh- except I sort of want to cry too.  Clearly our immune systems are just down for the count and can't seem to recover enough from one virus before being exposed to another.  Kinda makes me want to just huddle up in our house for a few weeks and not be exposed to anyone or anything else...but that's really not our style- we are a family that needs to get out!  So instead could you pray for us that we would get healthy and stay that way for a bit and also that Eli wouldn't get this crud we have. 
Because it's so hard for me to post without sharing pictures I'll leave you with my final editing assignment (which I finished thankfully before the stomach bug hit).  Some of you might remember this picture I shot of Eli in October as Joe's sister's house.  It was a fun challenge!  Enjoy.  I'm going to eat some crackers for dinner.
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