Monday, February 6, 2012

Making the most of this winter...

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As you know, I really love snow.  And thus it's been sort of a sad winter for me.  But over the last year I have really been feeling God call me to live a life of joy.  And that means choosing joy each day...even if I don't really enjoy the circumstances (whether that be something especially hard or something very quite little like not having much snow during the winter)!  So, we are choosing to make the most of this winter.  What is there to do outside in the cold, you might ask, without snow?  Well, we've learned that cold, snow-less weather is perfect for ice skating!  And actually I have to say that this worked out quite well since we were wanting to teach Lily to ice skate this winter anyway!  So shortly after Christmas we got Lily skates and Joe built her the skate-training-device thing you see in the pictures.  This was her first time skating and we had a blast.  We invited some friends and the conditions were absolutely incredible.  I've never skated outdoors on ice so perfect- and the creaking sounds the ice made from freezing were unreal (an older couple out skating said they had never heard the ice so loud in all of their lives)!  Once though the ice cracked right under me- it didn't split and it wasn't dangerous, but it was a little scary none-the-less!  Eli wasn't quite ready for skates but Joe fashioned some cleats onto the bottom of his boots and his did quite well with them (he even shuffled along like he thought he was skating)!  And it turns out that we may have a little hockey player on our hands- Eli really loved trying to hit the ice with the hockey stick!  Joe took the kids out once since then, but I think that we need to go at least a few more times this winter!

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