Saturday, June 14, 2014

10 Months!

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I manage to get these photos just hours before turning 11 months (I was a little behind this month)!  
WOW...month 10 was quite the month for this little guy!  It was probably one of our most challenging months, but also one of the biggest developmentally!
At the beginning of the month Liam began getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth a bit.  Shortly after he began doing a little army crawl on his wasn't fast, but it was effective and got him where he wanted to go!  And thus he became mobile!!  By the end of the month he was full on crawling on all fours!  And if that weren't enough towards the end of the month he also began pulling up on things (mostly me)!  This sweet littlest babe of ours was so content to just stay put and watch and play for so long that all of this activity seemed to come on so suddenly!  And sadly it seems to have brought some degree of angst with it as well.  As I mentioned, it's been a bit of a rough month.  Liam was sick for probably close to 2 weeks and I'm also still not convinced that he wasn't also teething.  Feeling crummy combined with so much developing just seemed like a little too much for our little one and our normally very mellow and content baby turned into a bit of a bear (okay, a lot like a bear some of the time).  He's in that lovely stage of being somewhat mobile, but not independent and not able to do everything he wants to do.  It's suddenly as if his whole world has been opened and now that he sees what is available he's really frustrated and angry that he can't do it all and have it all.  Just try and take a Lego (that he's trying to put in his mouth) away from him and I guarantee you that it won't be pretty.  He's been a serious grump.  I now he doesn't look like it in these pictures, but that's only because for some reason he loved being outside rocking in this chair (and oddly enough he also seems to like it when I take his picture)!   Honestly we would have got a ton more if the bugs hadn't started biting so badly (I think it might have been the happiest he was all day).
And he's started eating quite a bit more too though you would never know it since he's dropped down to the 8 percentile for weight...he's our little peanut all right!  No worries though...our doctor isn't concerned and I'm pretty sure Joe has started putting protein powder in his baby oatmeal when I'm not around!:)  He does really seem to enjoy feeding himself and we have found very little that he won't eat...frozen blueberries are his very favorite (and as a result there are blueberry splotches on everything he wears)!  
He's actually started to sleep quite well the majority of the time at night and during the day (he's an awesome napper)!  His newest favorite toy is not anything we bought him, but rather the dog's metal tag that hangs from her collar...really, it's his favorite!  
And that's the 10th month with our little Liam babe!

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