Friday, June 27, 2014

Spring Catch Up: Part 2

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Spring might not be my favorite season, but the best thing about spring might just be puddle jumping! This year a giant mud puddle formed in our front yard. It might not have been giant to begin with, but as soon as the kids discovered it it quickly became giant! This drives my poor husband crazy. He hates it when the kids create huge puddles in the yard. This just happens to be one agree we disagree on. Our yard is such a mess anyway that killing off a little more grass (or weeds)is worth it to me to let the kids be kids and jump full on in
the puddles...and that they did!
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Eli was playing in the puddle for about 30 seconds when his rain boots filled up with water and Eli was not happy. After a few minutes of watching his sister jump in the puddle though he threw on his crocks and 
started jumping himself!
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And this picture just makes me laugh! I don't remember what was actually going on, but quite possibly Lily thought it was pretty funny to photo bomb my picture of Eli!:) jump20 (1 of 1) And though he didn't do any puddle jumping this spring I couldn't resist these adorable expressions from my littlest babe! jump19 (1 of 1) jump13 (1 of 1) jump11 (1 of 1) jump10 (1 of 1)

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